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33 weeks and moving on

Yes I’ve been a slacker lately and haven’t updated this blog. I started a new one for my friends and family who are far away and my focus has been on that one lately so I apologize. But that also makes me realize that it’s time to move on from this blog 😦 It’s been good to have all the support here going through infertility and I so appreciate everyone I’ve met here and everything I’ve learned from everyone. If you’d like to stay in touch, please email me at emptynestblog@gmail.com and I’ll send you the link to my new blog.

At 33 weeks, my babies are estimated to be 4lbs 4oz and 4lbs. I’ve been without any problems so far and I feel blessed and so very lucky. Baby A was breech until just last week when she finally flipped down to a head down position, making a vaginal birth a possibility. The doctor says that after 34 weeks she won’t stop me if I start going into labor which makes this all the more real. It’s an exciting and nerve racking time.

I hope to see you all somewhere in the blogosphere and I will keep up with all your progress as well. Best of luck and talk to you soon!


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21 week ultrasound

We had an anatomy scan yesterday and got some more amazing 3D images of the babies. Baby A (girl) is breech. Baby B (boy) is head down. The middle one is Baby B and the one on the right is Baby A. I can’t wait to meet them! Good news is they both have 10 fingers and 10 toes and everything looks good. The Dr. says that the boy has enlarged kidneys (just over normal) but that it’s pretty common in boys and may resolve itself. We will be keeping an eye on it as we progress.

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I made it to 20 weeks this past Monday. Things are going well…I think. I feel pretty good, getting larger and just started feeling the babies moving around this week. There’s lots of movement on the right side (where the boy supposedly is) but I don’t feel much on the left side. i hope our girl is ok. Not much to update on really. We are having another scan this coming Monday to check anatomy. Here’s the latest baby gut.

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I hit the 18 week mark today and had an ultrasound and got the INFO that I’ve been dying for. Yes. The genders. My bets were on two boys (secretly what I was hoping for). Husband said one of each. Well he was right. Baby A is a girl and Baby B is a boy. I think ultimately this is perfect. It’s the homerun pregnancy in that 1) I don’t have to be jealous that someone else has a baby of the other sex – i.e. no more yearning for further pregnancy hopefully! 2) I can ease my mind in that there is no more pressure for infertility treatments in the future. So we’re happy. Very happy. And see these ultrasound photos. There is some serious weener and flap action going on. It’s so amazing that you can see it like this!

More importantly though is that our risk assessment for midtrimester was low for both Down syndrome and Trisomy 18. Down risk was 1:5,100 and Trisomy was 1:10,000. I think we’re done with any further testing on this matter.

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Spotting Update

Today is the 15 week milestone. And…finally! After a weekend of talking to the triage lady every day, they let me come to the hospital for an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok!!! I went in this morning and both the kiddos were moving around with normal heartbeats. My cervix was closed and long and they did not see any reason why I would have been bleeding. So the reason remains unknown. I’m still having some brown spotting but I think it’s going away. I’ve been advised to take it easy and refrain from doing anything other than swimming in terms of exercise for the next two weeks. Gentle swimming. Huge relief that everybody in there is ok and now just hoping the spotting ends soon and that it doesn’t happen again.

p.s. I’m no ultrasound technician but I swear I saw a penis on Baby A.

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More Spotting

Ack. The spotting continues. Today there were what looked like tissue particles when I peed and more brownish blood on the toilet paper. The after hours medical triage lady doesn’t seem to think this is a big deal. Brown blood is old blood, she says. And the particles might not be tissue. They might just be blood clots. No cramps worth mentioning…maybe a little more pressure in the lower abdomen but that could also be my imagination. I’m on “pelvic rest” for now. I was sort of hoping she would send me to the OB/GYN emergency room but she just told me to call my doctor’s office first thing in the morning tomorrow. I hate this! It’s stressing me out! I’ll be 15 weeks tomorrow.

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I’m trying to be ok with it but I am starting to lose my faith in humanity. OK fine, that’s an exaggeration but I seriously am done telling people that I’m having twins. I went to a party last night and I cannot believe the number of people that are dying to know HOW I got twins. It’s relentless. My original intent was to not lie about it but I might change my mind about this. And I think the worst part is that my close friends are telling people because they get asked about it from acquaintances. I was complaining to my friend about it and he said, you don’t care if people know do you? Um, do you want people to know when and how you masturbated last time??? It’s kind of private!!!! Judging from my own reaction, maybe I do care about whether people know or not, a lot more than I thought I did. Any more advice on how to handle this or just be ok with everyone knowing?

On another note, I am going through a little mini scare right now. I started spotting last night and it’s on and off. It’s very very light and there are no cramps but I’m as nervous as hell about it. I called the on-call doctor and she reassured me that it’s normal and that I should not be worried. If it doesn’t stop soon though I’m going to barge in and demand an examination!

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