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the doctor called me yesterday with my results from the 7dpo blood test and my progesterone levels are normal. i don’t know whether to be excited or exasperated. i still have the hysterosalpingogram that i have to do next month and then my pre-infertility clinic tests will be complete. meanwhile, life has gone on and today i am at 13dpo so my LP continues to stay more lengthened than it was before. i guess all the running really was not helping the ol’ LP because it really is the only lifestyle change that i’ve made (although i have been going to acupuncture as well…), but i do miss it so. i feel the dreaded period coming on as well so i’m sure that is right around the corner. preparing myself for bust #12. bring it bitch!


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got up super early this morning so i could make it to the blood lab by 7:30am so that i could then make a 9am meeting. today’s blood test was to get an idea of progesterone levels at 7 days past ovulation. i hope to get the test results next week. i’m particularly interested in the results of this test because my prediction is that i will have lower levels of progesterone than the norm. but i have no proof to back that up at the moment so i’m curious to see what the results are. the fact that i’m at 7dpo means that i have about 5 days to go until my period. again. its like groundhog day. i am finally getting to the point now where i don’t even get my hopes up every month. i’ve stopped looking at “pregnancy symptom” posts because i know my symptoms are regular period symptoms and i feel blah and indifferent. i won’t say that i don’t care but i certainly don’t sit around and think about what i have planned in 9 months that i might have to reschedule…anymore.

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