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“Wow, you really are sensitive to Femara aren’t you?” That’s what the RE that saw me today said. According to her, Femara is only supposed to help the growth of one follicle (which I guess is why it’s often used for women who don’t ovulate at all). This time I had a 17mm, 18mm, 14.4mm and 2 x 10mm on the left and 2x10mm in the right ovary with a 6mm lining. She said this looks like a good cycle with 3 viable follicles. I thought maybe the 6mm lining was a little thin but she didn’t say much about that. IUI will likely be Tuesday or Wednesday but I am so jaded. This shit is so not going to work for me. There is no optimism in any of this and I feel bleh about the whole thing. But I’m also in a really shitty mood right now so that probably doesn’t help my complete lack of excitement.

On a separate note, I watched the movie “Baby Mama” last night. It has it’s funny moments and in a few scenes captures how annoying some fertile women can be but other than that it’s a crap movie.

I also want to congratulate Caroline of Carolineā€¦Infertile in a fertile world on her BFP! This has been a very fertile month for my infertile friends so far. Three pregnancies to date. Also there was the birth of a baby girl on Friday, who is the result of many IVFs. So it can happen for us. Lets try to keep the positive attitude everyone. Even though I don’t feel one bit positive today myself.


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