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prometriumi had an appointment with my OB/GYN today. i went in to discuss the tests that she wants me to take before she refers me off to a fertility specialist. here’s what i have to do:

CD 3: blood test for estrogen and FSH levels. FSH levels will give a rough idea of my egg supply. do i have enough that i don’t need to worry too much about time or am i drying up? she also recommended that i have a thyroid analysis done as well.
CD21 or 7dpo: blood test for progesterone levels. if you’re not producing enough progesterone, a fertilized egg has no chance because your uterine lining can’t build up enough for it to implant. progesterone, along with HCG also sustains an implanted egg through the first three months of its life.
ultrasound: get an ultrasound to find out if i have cysts or if there are any signs of endometriosis. my mother has endo so there’s a pretty good chance i have it which is not good.
hysterosalpingogram: that’s a mouthful. this is basically a dye test. they shoot some dye up your hooha through your cervix and xray as the dye come back down through your fallopian tubes. this reveals some information about the shape of your uterus and will show whether you have any cysts or fibroids that are blocking your fallopian tubes.

in addition, she prescribed me some supplemental progesterone (prometrium) to take once i’ve done all my tests. she wants to see if that might help a little bit (just in case i am fertilizing an egg but am unable to sustain an implanted embryo) as my luteal phase is on the shorter side (10-12 days, one time i had an 8 day LP).

currently i’m on day 24 of this cycle and i think its another bust. i have all the typical “pregnancy” symptoms which are also the same as most PMS symptoms and i have the dull cramping that typically precedes my period. these next two days are the roughest days because i’m just anticipating what is inevitable and facing yet another failure.

current mood: depressed, sad and frustrated that i’m now at the point where i am having to take these tests to figure out if something is “wrong” with me. on the bright side of things, if there is something wrong with me, it would be nice to know sooner than later. also, since i’m almost at the end of this cycle, this means i can get started on the tests, probably by the end of the week.


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