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I am getting some cramping still. Especially on the left side. I think it’s my corpus luteum giving me a shout out and letting me know that his time is up and he’s going to Neverland. Awesome. I haven’t tested again since my miserable 11dpiui BFN. Right about now, I feel like I’m going to get my period so I’m going to wait it out till tomorrow morning to pee on a stick again. My guess is that I’ll get it in the next few hours here. My timing is all jacked up because I’m in Japan. It’s technically Thursday in the wee hours of the early morning at home a.k.a. morning of 14dpiui when I would be POAS if I was home (the official POAS). This is so lame. I am so sure that I am going to get my period. I wish it would just start already at this point. Bah.


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It was negative. Of course. I don’t even know why I bothered. I guess because I’m feeling fat and I want to exercise like a mad woman and I thought I should check to make sure that it’s negative first before I do that. It is only 11dpiui and it is technically like 5pm but lets not even entertain the idea that if it was morning urine it would come up positive. It’s just not possible (I used First Response and it’s supposed to tell you up to 5 days before your expected period. It’s 3 days before my expected period). It’s a bust. I’ve been cramping intermittently – the same usual PMS symptoms – no sore boobs, cramps, tiredness. The only different things this cycle is that I’ve had no CM at all during my LP and I’ve been waking up to pee all the time and can’t sleep, but I think it’s the time difference, temperature difference and the jet lag that are causing the sleep abnormalities.

I guess I’ll just let loose now, start drinking coffee, run more and forget about yet another miserable failure and try to enjoy the rest of my holiday here. IVF up next I guess. Ugh. I just can’t believe it’s come to this. Beyond depressed.

Update: ok so I just noticed that I bought the wrong pregnancy test. I got the FR Rapid Results test instead of the Early Result test and the sensitivity of FR Rapid Results is 100miu of hcg vs. 25miu of hcg for FRER. You’re not supposed to use the FRRR until they day of your missed period. But whatever, I still stand firm that I am not pregnant.

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IUI#3: 8dpiui

I’m in Tokyo now. Hanging out with some friends and waiting out the two week wait far away from home and sadly, my husband. I thought it would be a good distraction but I am far from distracted. I keep touching my boobs to see if they hurt at all – nothing there. I keep pushing my belly to see if I’m bloated or if I just have gas. In fact, I feel just about nothing at all – no notable PMS or non-PMS symptoms. No cramps yet (fingers crossed that they don’t come), maybe a very very very dull pressure down in my lower belly that could be imaginary. I’ve got about 5 days till D-day which is when I get my period. My husband is funny. He keeps telling me that we are pregnant. I ask him how he knows and he says he has a spiritual connection with his sperm and he’s been getting signals that the mission was successful this time. He always has the ability to make me laugh about this crap even though the spiritual connection thing is a little weird and I don’t buy it for a second that I’m pregnant. You gotta laugh about this crap right?

I’m still mulling over what the doctor said at my consult. I’m so torn about doing IVF versus doing a lap and trying more IUIs to see if it takes. I guess I just want to know what the fuck is wrong with me and I feel like the lap would give me some answers. Is that a good enough reason to delay the possibility of pregnancy for another perhaps 4 or more months? Anyone have any advice?

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My doctor is definitely a researcher. Any question I asked was answered with a “well, as a matter of fact, there is research out there that shows…”. But this was a good meeting in my mind. My doctor is much more personable and easy to talk to in person. He actually gave me opinions which was good. This meeting was about what the next steps would be if this IUI fails.

Should we do injectables with IUI next?

He brought up a brand new research paper that was just released and copied it for me. This study shows that doing injectables after 3 failed cycles of clomid is of no value. The paper recommends that you go straight to IVF to get a baby faster and more reliably than injectables. Doc seems to think that we should probably just go straight to IVF. See the study here.

Should I have a laparoscopy?

His opinion on this was if I wanted to keep going with the IUI’s or wanted to bear children naturally, he said I could have a laparoscopy. But he said if I was to consider the IVF track, he would try to deter me from doing a lap because he said there’s no proof that a lap can improve your chances of conceiving via IVF. He did make a point to remind me that no matter how minor, a lap is a surgery and to not take that lightly.

Other interesting information

The other bit of information he downloaded on me yesterday was that Asian women have a reduced success rate of pregnancy after receiving fertility treatment. This goes for Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Indian women. They don’t know why, but he said there is a significant difference in the time it takes an average Caucasian women to conceive via treatment as compared to an average Asian woman. He believes that the medication affects Asians differently than they do Caucasian women and that somehow it affects the endometrium. I’m Japanese and therefore I am even more fucked than I was before. See the study here.

Decision time

No huge decisions have been made yet. Meanwhile I’ve signed up for the IVF information session. Will keep you posted.

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