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Lance Armstrong’s fourth baby was born yesterday and he was named Max Armstrong (cute name). Lance was thought to be sterile because of his cancer treatments which supposedly killed his ability to have children but somehow he knocked up his girlfriend Anna Hansen. His three other children were born via IVF with his ex-wife Kristen.

So you know what I’m going to say here. How the HELL can a supposedly sterile man with a uni-ball (that’s one testicle ladies) knock up a girl, while me and my husband, two supposedly healthy people with normally functioning reproductive organs, struggle to have a child? That’s unexplained infertility for you.

Man. Life can be cruel.


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annie leibovitz for vanity fair - lance armstrong
(image by annie leibovitz as seen on vanity fair)

so have you heard the news? lance armstrong, who was thought to be sterile after treatment with chemotherapy for testicular cancer has gotten his lady friend pregnant. i bet that was an oopsy daisy moment! they have reportedly been together since july which is about 5 months! this is a christmas miracle y’all. well maybe more of a september miracle. his ex-wife conceived three children through artificial means with the sperm that he froze prior to his treatment and he has only one testicle.

if sperm that was thought to have gone bye-bye can be resurrected, then anything is possible. happy holidays everyone.

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