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So far, Femara seems to be better than Clomid. I haven’t gotten the headaches that Clomid gave me and I don’t feel as agitated when I’m going about my normal business, but when I start talking about something that annoys me – the anger! It burst out of me! Also, yesterday, I wanted to go to IKEA and my husband didn’t want to, and I had a melt down. I took a shower, I climbed into bed and cried. It was so stupid. And you are probably reading this thinking…and Clomid made you even more of a bitch than this? The answer is…hell yes it did. I hopefully will not yell at my co-worker this time and say things like “What the FUCK is wrong with you!!!!!” or anything like that. I am very curiously awaiting my CD10 ultrasound. Friday could not come soon enough. I want to know what is going on in there. I’ve had some mild cramps today which is kind of weird and makes me nervous. I also want to know what is going on with the polyp. I’m praying that it went away (or hasn’t gotten bigger). One more full day of taking this Femara stuff and then we wait for Friday. GROW FOLLICLES GROW!

So what annoyed me yesterday was this girl who is the wife of a friend. She found out that we are having problems conceiving and she approached me at a party last week and said “I heard about what you’re going through. We have SO much in common, unfortunately.” So we made a date and met up to talk. She asked me to tell her my story and so I gave her the quick run down – not too much detail as I don’t know her that well. And I ask her how long they have been trying and she says, oh since November 2008. WTF! November 2008? Isn’t that like…FOUR months ago? How do we have anything in common? I’ve been trying for FOURTEEN months. So I politely said, oh. well, I’m way ahead in the process than you. And she says, “yeah but not by much”. Are you fucking kidding me? It takes the average person at least 9 months to get pregnant (some sources say 18 months). And she’s been trying only four. I felt so tricked into telling her my story. I felt so annoyed that she’s this upset about not getting pregnant after 4 months that she wanted to consult me, the only other infertile she knows, on it. I just couldn’t sympathize…until my husband, sweetly reminded me that I too, was frustrated at 4 months. Call it a woman’s sense. I just KNEW that something was wrong. And maybe she does too.


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femara It’s CD2 and my doctor has made a decision to switch me to Femara or Letrozole as it’s also called. The first pill is sitting in front of me as I’m typing. I need to get a glass of water to down it with. Femara is weird. It’s primary use is for breast cancer treatment. Its similar to Clomid in effect and it acts as a superovulation agent but it wasn’t designed to be used for fertility and the pharmaceutical company that makes it has never done the testing for it to market it as a fertility drug. I wonder if a bunch of women who were getting treated for breast cancer started getting pregnant with twins and they were like oh. sweet. it’s a fertility drug too. Anyway, the plastic pill bottle says: Do not use this medicine if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Ummmmmmmmmmmm. There are studies that show that Femara actually causes birth defects in women who are taking it DURING pregnancy but not necessarily BEFORE pregnant. It’s still scary. I hate hate hate any drugs. You just don’t know what they are doing to you. It freaks me out to no end.

The reason for the switch is that he felt that the lining of my uterus was too thin when we did the ultrasound at CD10 last month when I was on Clomid. I had thought that Clomid was something that over time thinned the lining, not immediately. I suggested maybe taking progesterone with Clomid but he just said it was ok to switch to Femara. Why do I constantly feel like I’m suggesting things to my RE? And then when he says ok, I feel weird because me, the non-expert, had made the suggestion and so it’s like I’m prescribing my own treatment. It’s not that great of a feeling. I would love to hear more from other people that have been on Femara. I am going to go on a blog search now.

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