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Lupron Day 3


There you have it. The meds that arrived in a huge box at my work. Holy crap, it’s intimidating to sit there and stare at all that stuff. Most of it is syringes, alcohol swabs etc. but it’s the syringes after all, that scare the shit out of me. The IVF injection class was informational and I’m glad my husband came with me. Our clinic does progesterone injections, not suppositories, so after the transfer, he will need to do intramuscular injections into my ass! The needles are huge and are very very scary. Not looking forward to that part. They say that should there be a positive pregnancy test, the progesterone injections will have to continue for 9 weeks!

Now lets talk about Lupron. I’m on day 3 of this stuff and it is having quite an effect on me. I’m zoned out pretty much all day (my boss did a little wave in front of my face in a meeting this afternoon) and holy shit, am I irritable. It’s going to take me a while to get used to feeling this way. Right now, I’m taking BCP and 10 units of lupron in the evening. I’ll stop the BCPs on Thursday and expect my period mid-week and then after that is when it’s going to be really on – with all the stimulants.


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I got my IVF calendar. I’ll be on what they call the long luteal protocol.
Next week, I start the lupron shots and then there’s a whole of lot of injections and finally the estimated egg transfer is mid-September.
Daunting, exciting, scary.
We’re finally here. This has to work…..right?

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