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i finally told my mother about my conception difficulties today. its been the elephant in the room when we talk on the phone. she didn’t ask and i didn’t tell. my mom and i have never ever talked about sex. so the idea of talking about having children, as stupid as this may sound, was embarassing to me. yes, at the age of 34, still…but it came right out of my mouth. i wasn’t even planning on telling her. it’s definitely on my mind right now because of the busted cycle. but my mother was wonderful. she didn’t say anything special really. she just didn’t make a big deal of it. she just said, “oh well. it just takes some people longer and i’m glad that you are getting checked out by a doctor. it’s good to do that regardless of whether or not you’re trying to have children”. you see, when my mom panics, i panic. and when she makes it seem like something is not a big deal, it makes me feel like maybe it’s not a big deal. and really, that’s all i wanted to feel today…that it wasn’t a big deal and that everything is going to be ok. thank god for mothers. (ironically what’s stressing me out is that i’m trying to be one myself!)


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