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most of us women who can’t seem to get pregnant, spend our time daydreaming of the day that we are pregnant and how awesome it’s going to be. but the nature of being pregnant is that your body goes through some massive changes and sometimes it can have side effects. an acquaintance of my husband passed away a couple of days ago. she was only 41 and leaves behind three very young children. she was first diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 6 months pregnant with her third child and opted to put off chemo until her baby was born. 15 months later she was dead. my husband also had another closer friend who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer right after she gave birth. it had obviously been there for months as it was in the advanced stages and she also passed away 6 months after she gave birth.

i am not trying to be a downer or trying to make it seem like pregnancy is dangerous in any way. this is not a common thing. i just wanted to put it out there to everyone, pregnant or not pregnant yet, that your body does go through hormonal changes when you’re pregnant and there are cancers out there that aggressively thrive on surges of these particular hormones. always always, check your breasts so you know what “normal” is for you, and when you do feel a lump, don’t think, “oh, this is just part of my menstrual cycle” or “oh, i read somewhere that your breasts get lumpy when you’re pregnant” and ignore it. that’s what this woman did as well as another woman i know, who also got diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant. so please! check your boobies and get to know them and if anything feels weird at all, go to the doctor and have it checked out immediately. it might save your life.


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