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spin out the B-team

thursday morning i met up with my girlfriend from high school who is married to a woman and they have a child together. it was a completely different angle to hear about IUIs from two people who never had any option but to use medical technology to conceive. first they decided which one of them would carry the child. then they selected their donor sperm, monitored for ovulation and then rushed to the clinic at the optimal time for what my friend calls the “medical penis”. she excitedly told me about how the clinic spun the sperm to weed out the junior varsity/B team players. when only the A team swimmers were left, they injected them in through the cervix. these girls were lucky. they got pregnant on the first shot without any drugs. but they had to pay for the procedure out-of-pocket because insurance companies require proof of a year of infertility before they will dish out any money for these types of procedures. all in all, with the cost of the sperm, they paid about $1,000. they are now going for their second child and so far they’ve had two failed cycles of IUI. Her wife is getting ready to do injectables now as the next step but they are as positive and as excited as ever. it was refreshing to see a couple who embraced medical assistance as a means to conceiving, rather than people like me, who can’t help but feel that going that route is a sign of failure of my own abilities. hooray for medicine!


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