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Dear Clinic

You…suck my big fat juicy ass. I called the insurance company and they say that they requested Day 3 bloodwork and cycle records on July 6th and they said that it’s not that they have denied the request for IVF. It’s just that you haven’t followed up or sent them ANYTHING. So…how dare you call and me and tell me that my request was denied? How dare you give me attitude and act annoyed about my phone calls and my efforts to mediate the document transfer? I’m having to project manage this bullshit because you obviously suck at your job. It is infuriating. The insurance company said there’s no set minimum for IUIs. They just need to see the records and get a doctor’s note explaining why he thinks I should move on to IVF. They say it shouldn’t be a problem to get it authorized. I can’t wait to be rid of you, Clinic, once and for all. As soon as I get that positive pregnancy test…..


Me, the project manager for my own IVF cycle because other people are shitty at their job


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It hasn’t even been 3 hours since I’ve had the saline sonogram and I already got a call from my RE! I have been very unimpressed with him in the past, but after the past few consultations I’ve had with him, I am liking this guy more and more. I still have to probe him for his recommendation, which is an annoying trait for a specialized doctor, but he does give it up in the end.

His thoughts on my polyp were:

  • it’s very small – it measures 7x3mm and it’s only really considered to be a factor if it’s above 1cm
  • it is definitely not the cause of my infertility (perhaps a minor contribution)
  • removing it is optional because he’s seen lots of women with larger polyps get pregnant
  • women who have polyps tend to get polyps over and over again so even if we remove this one I may get another

His overall recommendation:

If you’re moving forward with IVF, it’s a minor procedure so lets just take it out to optimize your chances of success.

The good news is that I can schedule the hysteroscopy for within the first 10 days of my next cycle and he said it should not delay the IVF path that we are on! Day 1 of my next cycle, I should take my BCP as prescribed along with 10 days of antibiotics, do the hysteroscopy and the show goes on!

Feeling much better about the whole thing.

(image as seen on Dimeda)

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yesterday was our first appointment with the reproductive endocrinologist. a friend asked me if i was excited and i really wasn’t sure. i guess i felt “excited” in the sense that we’re doing something about the issue and being active about it makes me feel better. but then again, who knew that i would have to be paying someone money to help me have a baby?

our doctor was really nice and my husband and i both liked him immediately. he looked at our tests and did a review of our history and said, well what we have here is a case of “unexplained infertility”. in other words, we both look good on paper but the magic just ain’t happenin’. his advice? get started on a dose of 100mg of clomid and then try 3-4 round of IUIs.

we’re now letting the information marinate and are in discussions on when to get started on the IUIs. my friend who is a naturopathic doctor told me to do all my tests (and find out that we’re both fine) and then just forget about it for 6 months. SIX MONTHS! thinking about all this actually really stressed me out last night. i can’t imagine another year going by without successfully getting pregnant, so trying again naturally for another six months seems impossible. i think it will break me. some of my friends will start trying for their second kids this year and others will get married this year and have a baby before me. even though i’m happy for everyone who gets to have a baby, every time i’m told that someone else is newly pregnant, it kills me inside – because life is not fair and i’m not sure why it’s not happening for me.

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