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“try not to stress about it”

yesterday i got my period and i thought, fuck. ugh. this is so typical. but i casually proceeded on with my day. but this morning was not so hot. waking up with cramps is just another slap in the face that indeed, an egg that may or may not have been fertilized did not implant in your uterus. i was super grumpy when the husband and i walked to breakfast and he said the old, “try not to stress about it” and i flew off the handle. how many times have i heard those words from people? “try not to stress about it” is one of the worst things you can say to a woman who is having problems conceiving. try not to stress about the possibility that something might be fucked up with your body? try not to stress about the fact that everyone else had a baby in 3 months while you have nothing to show for your efforts for the past year? try not to stress that you live your life in 2 week pre-ovulation and 2 week post-ovulation cycles? try not to stress when the only other two women in your office are both pregnant and talk to you about it every day? i’m not attacking my husband because i love him dearly and he is always very supportive and everything he does is because he doesn’t want me to be sad. but please, please, please people. everyone. please stop telling me not to stress about it. i’m managing my stress, but once a month, when my fucking period comes when i don’t want it to, i’m allowed to be sad. i’m allowed to grieve. and you telling me not to stress out IS stressing me out!


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