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I hit the 18 week mark today and had an ultrasound and got the INFO that I’ve been dying for. Yes. The genders. My bets were on two boys (secretly what I was hoping for). Husband said one of each. Well he was right. Baby A is a girl and Baby B is a boy. I think ultimately this is perfect. It’s the homerun pregnancy in that 1) I don’t have to be jealous that someone else has a baby of the other sex – i.e. no more yearning for further pregnancy hopefully! 2) I can ease my mind in that there is no more pressure for infertility treatments in the future. So we’re happy. Very happy. And see these ultrasound photos. There is some serious weener and flap action going on. It’s so amazing that you can see it like this!

More importantly though is that our risk assessment for midtrimester was low for both Down syndrome and Trisomy 18. Down risk was 1:5,100 and Trisomy was 1:10,000. I think we’re done with any further testing on this matter.


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I’m trying to be ok with it but I am starting to lose my faith in humanity. OK fine, that’s an exaggeration but I seriously am done telling people that I’m having twins. I went to a party last night and I cannot believe the number of people that are dying to know HOW I got twins. It’s relentless. My original intent was to not lie about it but I might change my mind about this. And I think the worst part is that my close friends are telling people because they get asked about it from acquaintances. I was complaining to my friend about it and he said, you don’t care if people know do you? Um, do you want people to know when and how you masturbated last time??? It’s kind of private!!!! Judging from my own reaction, maybe I do care about whether people know or not, a lot more than I thought I did. Any more advice on how to handle this or just be ok with everyone knowing?

On another note, I am going through a little mini scare right now. I started spotting last night and it’s on and off. It’s very very light and there are no cramps but I’m as nervous as hell about it. I called the on-call doctor and she reassured me that it’s normal and that I should not be worried. If it doesn’t stop soon though I’m going to barge in and demand an examination!

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Went in for an ultrasound today to get the first integrated screening test for Downs syndrome and Trisomy 18. Everything looks good so far. The babies both have strong heartbeats and are measuring right on target. The risk assessment for Down Syndrome they gave us was 1:7,200 and 1:72,000 for Trisomy 18. I won’t pursue any further genetic testing for now. We have the second follow up screening in about 4 weeks, where hopefully we will find out the sex of the babies!

Meanwhile, I got to see the babies in action and heard the heart beats for the first time today (I am at 13 weeks 0 days today). It was pretty crazy to see them moving around. And the 3D images! Amazing! We couldn’t get a good one of Baby B but here’s one of Baby A. We’re ecstatic about everything so far, although slightly mystified with Baby A’s right foot which appears to resemble the foot of an elf.

Baby A

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
We are in Australia at the moment visiting family and friends. We’ve told everyone here our news since I’ll be 13 weeks in about 4 days. As expected we got a lot of questions about the twins.

1) Do twins run in your family? (Fair enough)
2) Did you get fertility treatments? (Can you believe people are this blatant?)

I am not ashamed that I got fertility treatments to get to this point. Some people are just not lucky enough for it to happen naturally and what’s wrong with getting a little help? I knew that we would be getting questions like this and I was prepared with answers.

Answer to #1: yes they do. My cousin has twins. (IVF twins but they don’t need to know that!)
Answer to #2: yes we had help (…followed by no further information unless pressed)

My thoughts on this are that yes, infertility is a private thing for some people and it’s certainly not information that I will necessarily voluntarily share with someone. However, if asked, I am not going to belittle or downplay the shit we had to go through to get here by lying. Also, I am conscious of the fact that there may be other couples out there that have problems and don’t know anyone else that have gone through treatment. I know I was one of them. If any of these people ever wanted to ask us questions then I would love to be there for these friends as support and to answer any questions. It’s something that I did not have because most people are so damn private.

Anyhow…while I’m more than ecstatic to be with twins, it would have been ok with me to have avoided all the intrusive questions (which I’m sure we’ll get from more people back home when we announce there) by having a singleton.

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Holy crap! There’s two in there! And most importantly, they both have heartbeats! One is measuring at 9mm (6w6d) with a heart rate of 127 and the other is 12mm (7w1d) with a heart rate of 147. The doctor I saw today was very pleased but of course, cautioned me about the fact that I was still very early and about vanishing twin syndrome. I go back in next week for another check up to see if they are progressing.

It continues to baffle me how we could have gone without getting pregnant for a full year naturally, and then for almost another year with fertility drugs and then all of sudden, bam, two at once. I can’t help but wonder about what it was that made it work this time (and twice as well!) but I guess I will never know the answer. For now, I am just relieved that there is life inside of me. I will post the ultrasound photos soon!

Thanks so much to everyone for all of your warm comments and support. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I do and will continue to follow you all on your journey’s as well.

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